Friday, May 23, 2008

Google it on up

I am still trying figure out how I get my name, Taska Sanford, or Taska's Mor to bring my blog to Google. Let's also go for Taska Eugenia Caroline Gage Sanford. I am quite disappointed my full name does not fit on my id.

The Impossible Color

My favorite color in whole wide world is the strange grey in the sky just before a storm. The ground is deep and green and the clouds are dense ready ooze. The humidity I think is key. There has to be a wind also because the colors are effected by the mood. It also take the sun sitting at just the right angle. I have tried to paint my bedroom this color several times. I just can't find the right color in pigment. Oh those enigmatic colors:light vs. pigment. Perhaps it will only work if it is about to rain in my room.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am reading The Diamond Age by Neil Stephenson and I am loving it. It was slow at first, and I was reminded of the Baroque Cycle. Those book were a little too much for me, but this one is the right mix. I read a passage about an "elegant" program. Travis has often spoken of "elegant" solutions. This time I got it. It was like the beauty of programming and hacking just unfurled in front of me. I think he needs to reach around inside and explore and pursue the path of elegance. He is so intelligent, reasonable(in the truest sense) and a creative thinker. I think this is the path to save ourselves from ourselves, and he could be a part of it.


Alright I have brought Taska's MOR back to life.

Coming soon art for your perusal.

Look to the trees #posttaska #distressedfx

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