Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am reading The Diamond Age by Neil Stephenson and I am loving it. It was slow at first, and I was reminded of the Baroque Cycle. Those book were a little too much for me, but this one is the right mix. I read a passage about an "elegant" program. Travis has often spoken of "elegant" solutions. This time I got it. It was like the beauty of programming and hacking just unfurled in front of me. I think he needs to reach around inside and explore and pursue the path of elegance. He is so intelligent, reasonable(in the truest sense) and a creative thinker. I think this is the path to save ourselves from ourselves, and he could be a part of it.

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screamlordbyron said...

It's a great book. Have you read any of his others, like Snow Crash? Worth the read!

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