Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crusade #27 Shape Up

Here is my first attempt at a GPP Crusade. I am quite inspired, but feel the pull of a long day maneuvering through the office, the train, and a run in the hills. Right now I only have the energy to post and not to make more spirals. There is so much to explore this weekend. However I need to make time to go see the Da Vinci Exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose Back to the spirals- I started this page with a mediocre scrapbook paper. I started adding paint and nearly died it was so repulsive. After dropping on silver ink and then trying to remove it with a paper towel something magical happened. Suddenly my paper was transformed into a snapshot of the inside of my lungs.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I join the Crusade-GPP

Michelle Ward is a goddess. I am searching for direction and I stumble upon her beacon- Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusade. This is not a New Year's resolution, but a new way of life.

My how life changes

Well here I am months later in a new job feeling like I am creating a new life. However I feel like that new life begins each day anew. Everyday has the air of a new life and I get to make fresh decisions. I am following what feels right. I am not saying that everyday is perfect. I have had some lousy ones to be sure, but I am Taska again and that's what counts. Here are some photos I have been taking. Some seem worthy of framing- large format.

When your body is not your own #posttaska #mixedmedia #art #handmade #assemblage

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