Sunday, May 31, 2009


Catapation- noun- the twitching a cat performs right before she pounces.  

The animal kingdom is settling, somewhat.  Juniper, Hermes, and Bubo- not a bad family of names.  The names of pets reflect on the personality of the people as much as the animals that bear them.  For instance Al and Angela just brought home 2 little furry kittens. They ended with the names Grue and Annabel Lee: very telling of their education.  Kitten photo from Angela's camera 

There has been role reversal amongst the cats is this household.  The screaming has reduced to growling with an occasional snort thrown in when Hermes is very serious.   Although I do find tuffs of hair scattered about the floorboards.  Juniper has a couple of little knots on her head.  I think the largest barrier they are successful at establishing is the vertical one.  Juniper and Hermes make sure that they are always higher than Bubo.   I should remember this when I want to intimidate a room full of people.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Art and Soul ROCKS!

Here is my corner of the table in Nina Bagley's class at Art and Soul in Asilomar. Wow! It was amazing! Mom and I had so much fun. We made necklaces and books that are companions to the jewelry. Nina is an excellent hands on teacher and class designer. If you ever get a chance to take a class from her please do. I will shoot some photos of our stuff this weekend and post them. I missed some days while I was gone, but should be back in the saddle. The weather was foggy, sunny, foggy, but pretty warm considering. We stayed in a big motel room so we had plenty of space to work at night. Our classroom was snug but had good lighting. I just wonder why I am not doing this as a career. What is wrong with me? I have talent. I have dreams. Where is the direction? I just need to face those dreams and do it....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Argh! Computer frustrations and more fun things

I have never understood that strange relationship that we hold with the tenuous connection to the outside world with our computers. I spent hours last night hurumphing up and down the house trying to understand why my Airport wasn't recognizing my wireless. I was pushing buttons and punching in codes....nothing. Well it turned out to be the little fix of "unplug, then reboot" Silly me! Thinking I had lost my umbilical to the world. Really I was just pissed that I was all the way through a post and it wouldn't save or publish.
So here I am 25 hours later trying to remember if I was witty in my last post that was lost to the wires.
Packing for
Art and Soul in Asilomar. Mom and I are taking a 3 day class from Nina Bagley. She is an art goddess. I am so inspired when discovering articles that feature her. Nina's blog Ornamental is also a great spring of joy since we can't take classes with her every month. Art and Soul is one of the best things to ever happen to me!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well I foolishly went to bed last night without posting. So here is another ATC for that lack of mind. I should give myself permission to let these things go. The last thing I NEED is to beat myself up about something silly like this. There are enough bar fights around the house now as the cats are defining their schedules and territories.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Here is a ATC I made for a swap a few years ago. I do like working on that scale. It feels so intimate. This is a triptych so it is about 6"wide x 3"high. Mixed media.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stupid Cat, Stupid Taska

I had some balloons in the living room all tied up with string.  Stupid Taska.  Heremes decided to eat the string.  Stupid Heremes.  I found the string she rejected.  Wheh!  When I offered her fish skins "her fav" she turned up her nose.  I was ready for the vasaline or the vet.  Then she drank some water.  I brought out the stinky wet food we got for Bubo.  She gingerly lapped it up and then went back for more water.  I have been watching her closely over the last few hours and Hermes is feeling better.  She is even playing with the cat dancer now.  Lesson learned.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crusade #29- Brush effects

Here is another GPP Crusade. I am glad to hear that Michelle decided to continue with the challenges for the time being because even when I don't submit or post anything I love reading through her blog as well as exploring those that participate.This is direct dry brush for the background, paisley stamp, paint, and hand carved eye stamp.  I then tried the monoprint dry bush in reddish black.  The technique did not turn out how I thought it would.  However I does have an interesting XEROX look.
Here are some details I fun making with insets.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Meet Bubo.  Well that is the name she is trying on for size right now.  It is the Latin Genus name for owl.  Great Horned Owl is Bubo viginianus.  I thought the species name referred to the fact that Athena who had an owl familiar was a virgin goddess.  Actually it is for the state Virginia. 

If you are a fan of 1980's fantasy films you may remember that Bubo was the name of the metal owl sent from Athena to help guide Perseus to Medusa.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art all over

I love SF. There is art everywhere. It could use some more trees and less shit on the sidewalks. Just a little something I stumbles across on the sidewalk while walking the office dogs. I don't know who to credit.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Postcards Exchange
I am crazy tired from shopping today.  Travis, Jim, Amy, and myself participated in a Haight/Ashbury Stimulus Package.  We did some heavy work at some of our fav spots like Fluevog and Ruby.  So with little energy to start the photo transfer from the big Mac to my new laptop blogging station I am exploring Postcrossing.  I just signed up and will hopefully get some postcards out this week.
The Cat Who Will Be Named Later is trying on "Bubo" at the moment.  Could be good.  What a love muffin.  I just felt so good to wake her up this morning and see how happy she is in her new home.  As long as here sisters don't bully her too much.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Occupant

Artemis, Io, Annie, Silver, Zoidburg, Mythril, Sylvester, Argent,..... How do you name a cat? "the naming of cats is a difficult matter...". We are taking bets how long I can keep Hermes and Juniper from meeting their new sister. She came with the name Annie, but will shed that soon. She loves to talk- a repetitive furtive "wow". She is 8 years old that same as Hermes. We wanted to bring home someone older who had been in the SPCA for a little while. We were congratulated for choosing her by her fan club. She actually chose us.
If you are struck by a name suggestion let me know. Just know that her sisters are Juniper and Hermes.
new friend

Thursday, May 7, 2009


It is time to pick a theme or at least a mood for this blog. Art, Animalia, and Mysterioso.... sounds a little strange, but probably sums up what I am most interested in outside of climbing. However I think climbing needs a blog of its own.
I also like the word "Mysteriosity" That is rather provocative and sums up a lot about me. I think this subject also links back to writing my artist statement, which I have been avoiding.

Gardening at night

I just couldn't help it. I had to get out in the mild evening blanket and garden. I planted tomatoes as the sky darkened. I turned to see that finally we have "An Iris Garden". Not as impressive as Ma's, but it is a garden.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mindless Meanderings of a Middle-Aged Maniac: Whirlwind

Mindless Meanderings of a Middle-Aged Maniac: Whirlwind


Sitting at Coyote Point I had the most amazing sense of space. I am a thing in the universe, sitting in the grass, surrounded by clouds and insects and laughter and wind.

I am committing to blog every day I have access to a cpu.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Now it is time to figure out how to get pictures of my work onto Flickr and then linked to here.... I guess I should hunt out some blogs I like and see how they are done. As for artwork, things have been a tumultuous so I haven't made much progress. I did make a fantastic break through the other week. (Hermes is such a good knitting kitty. She brought me a big ball of yarn into the studio. How does she fit it in her little mouth and still be able to meow?) I am going to learn how to make a Timbuk2 bag working with out illustrious designer Tae Kim. I decided to work on canvas for the fabric. I started with a yard of canvas and gesso. Before I knew it I was transfigured! I have not worked that large in...years. It was amazing! I felt so unrestricted. I will post more as I progress with my bag. I can't wait till Tae returns from Asia.

When your body is not your own #posttaska #mixedmedia #art #handmade #assemblage

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