Sunday, May 31, 2009


Catapation- noun- the twitching a cat performs right before she pounces.  

The animal kingdom is settling, somewhat.  Juniper, Hermes, and Bubo- not a bad family of names.  The names of pets reflect on the personality of the people as much as the animals that bear them.  For instance Al and Angela just brought home 2 little furry kittens. They ended with the names Grue and Annabel Lee: very telling of their education.  Kitten photo from Angela's camera 

There has been role reversal amongst the cats is this household.  The screaming has reduced to growling with an occasional snort thrown in when Hermes is very serious.   Although I do find tuffs of hair scattered about the floorboards.  Juniper has a couple of little knots on her head.  I think the largest barrier they are successful at establishing is the vertical one.  Juniper and Hermes make sure that they are always higher than Bubo.   I should remember this when I want to intimidate a room full of people.


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