Saturday, May 2, 2009

Now it is time to figure out how to get pictures of my work onto Flickr and then linked to here.... I guess I should hunt out some blogs I like and see how they are done. As for artwork, things have been a tumultuous so I haven't made much progress. I did make a fantastic break through the other week. (Hermes is such a good knitting kitty. She brought me a big ball of yarn into the studio. How does she fit it in her little mouth and still be able to meow?) I am going to learn how to make a Timbuk2 bag working with out illustrious designer Tae Kim. I decided to work on canvas for the fabric. I started with a yard of canvas and gesso. Before I knew it I was transfigured! I have not worked that large in...years. It was amazing! I felt so unrestricted. I will post more as I progress with my bag. I can't wait till Tae returns from Asia.

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