Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Overhang Bypass

overhang bypass
I just got back from visiting the art spirits for consultation in the desert. However right now I am going to show off a couple of pics from my last trip to Yosemite with Jim and Ondine. We had a great time with incredibly mild weather. On the South side of the Valley we were in the shade most of the time. the route is rated 5.6- 5.6 my rosy red cheeks! First off there is a missing block so if you are shorter than 5'5" you are screwed. On top of that this old school 5.6 so I think....maybe 5.8 in places.
ondine and jim overhang bypass
Long approach, but that keeps away the crowds. Lots of ants this time of year- lots of ants crawling and biting my hands when I was leading the fingertip treverse. I was a little displeased.
Valley 09 copy
The views are fantastic especially once you crest the top and look down onto Bridleveil Falls.
Top of Bridleveil Falls
Then the decent down the Gunsite is long but really amazing.
All and all good times we had by all- even when I tied the lead line in a knot while down climbing, traversing and ascending without removing my protection. Ahhh rope drag, my friend.

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