Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back From the Dead

Well I am back from the dead or at least the flu. I did not have the flu this entire time, but things got crazy at work. I got crazy. I got sick. Rachel Jamison thinks it was swine flu. Now that is gone I am starting to believe her. It was horrible and my boss was out of town while I was sick. I was trying to run the department with a fever, throat lozenge in my mouth and a kleenex, taped to my nose. Yuk!
While all this was going on Perry, our CEO, at Timbuk2 was leaving for some cool position in the Stanford Design School. I will miss him horribly. I talked to him on the phone before I was called into an interview. He had so much faith in me when it felt like no one else in the world did. For a going away gift I organized a T2 bag for him with the staff's photos on the liner. The final liner was grey scale because Perry is a self admitted chromaphobe.

This photo of Zoe is my favorite in the bunch.  She is sporting our shirt we designed for Bike To Work 2009. 


kobico said...

You're back from the dead ... and I'm back from France! It would be good to see you and Travis sometime soon.

nina said...

hello tasta - checking in with you here - sorry to hear that you have been sick. onward ho! xo

nina said...

damn it. i did NOT mean to misspell your name, lol! i made it sound like a soft drink! xxx

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