Sunday, December 13, 2009

A New Project: Travel Journals. If there is no hold, grab it with both hands.

Travel Journal: Greece

So two months after my last post I'm feeling rather guilty. I guess part of the reason why I have not put the energy into the blog recently is it seemed that I did not have too many readers, and those that did see this are people I know. I somehow thought that magically all these people would come flocking, riveted to my every word, begging for new post after post. What was the point if no one was reading this? Well I do have to admit that I am a lousy writer and when it comes to writing about my work...I am even worse than lousy.

How does Taska deal with this....? One of the best quotes I ever read was in the little newspaper you receive when you enter Joshua Tree National Park. I do wish I had saved it. The paper is typical of a US park: little tidbits on what to look for, rules, and what ranger programs are coming up. There was an article on climbing that was a little farce on climbing ratings. It said, "5.11: if there is no hold, then grab it with both hands"

Here I am grabbing with both hands. I want to write a book, and I will use my blog to work this little project out. I don't promise it will be riveting, but it will show you and me the process. Besides now the point of this blog is to write a book, not extoll the untold virtues of my artwork to a miniscule audience.

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kobico said...

Building up a network does take time and effort. I admit I have not made much of an effort to network and bring readers to my blogs. There are maybe a couple of writers on my blog list, Taska, one is Midlife Jobhunter. She participates in writing groups and workshops, and may be a good connection for you.

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