Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To everything - a purpose: Mindfulness

Ferry from Kalymnos to Telendos, Greece - page from Greece Travel Journal

Well isn't it funny the way life fits together like little(and something gargantuan) puzzle pieces. This book is being called into existence for several reasons. The reason that will help this book be desirable to others lies in my idea of helping people extend their adventures and journeys beyond the time they catch Bart to the airport and long after they have washed the last bits of sand out of their hair. This book is about coming to be mindful of your experiences through art.

Mindfulness, Depression, and Art
One way to fight depression, a dance I am learning new moves to everyday, is through the transference of my focus from inside to outside. Instead of drowning in self doubt and self hatred I force my focus to things outside of myself. This is sometimes called mindfulness. Like many others who find themselves lost, I have learned to attain mindfulness through things like yoga, meditation, climbing, and art.
Here is where it gets interesting to me. Art helps me achieve mindfulness, but it takes acute focus to create satisfying art(I use the word "satisfying" here because the word "good" is too dangerous to throw out willy-nilly in this conversation). I find that the more I focus on my subject, internal or external, the more I look up and down from the canvas to the subject, I gain more control over how I express said subject. The tree I am drawing looks more and more like the tree in front of me. The anguish I am portraying with paint and maps grows stronger as I continuously examine my own recollections of pain.
It becomes a strange circle of defeating depression with mindfulness. I do this with art that helps me expand mindfulness. And I find one of the most effective ways to express this mindfulness is to explore my depression.
Complex, an artist book

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