Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Travel Journal: Seeking My Fortune

Letting the tide take me
Small things that happen to us in childhood can make a deep and lasting impression that we carry with us for our entire lives. Those tiny grains can influence who we want to become and change the course of our lives forever. When I was a child my mother read to me often. Some of my most comforting memories of my mom are her reading me to sleep in my canopy bed. Naturally fairy tales were always our favorites. And many a story she read or made-up in her head featured a young character who felt the desire to set out across the world to seek her fortune.

The prop plane to Kalymnos

This idea of distant lands full of adventure and growth drives me out from the comfort of my bed, my house, my daily life. I must go forth, but I also must return home. Much of my pleasure of great travel is the reflection, the sharing, and the retelling of the journey in my familiar surroundings to old friends. The journey just doesn't feel complete until I have come back home and shared my newly discovered "fortune".

Travis and I explored the island on push bikes

In the evenings we reflected on the day's adventure
over amazing meals we cooked up

I am not only writing about travel journals, but about travel itself. What better way to change, grow, and discover more about the world and myself than to dream and then walk right out the front door?

Walk right out the front door

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well I am looking to revive my blog. I would like to use it to start a strain of travel journal ideas. Eventually I would like to write a book. Instead of putting ideas on index cards I thought I could explore my chapters in a bog. Not a groundbreaking idea, but perhaps effective. In the mean time I have included a snapshot of the my most recent Bedouins. The Husky and the Hare.
The Husky and The Hare Bedouins

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iphone Friday and Testosterone

Luchador - Toycamera

Watching Over Me - Tiltshift and Camerbag

Leaf Trail - Tiltshift

Here are some glimpses into my commute home through the mission.

I am writing this while listening to This American Life which has the theme of "Testosterone". It is amazing and horrible to listen to as This American Life so often is. I know you are thinking Men are from Mars...garbage, but this is so revealing about how out of control we are because of our hormones. This is not a cop out answer to strange behavior, but a window to help me understand more of myself, Travis, our relationship, and feminism. The staff of This American Life tested themselves to see who had the most and least testosterone. I don't know how it ends, but they are nervous of how this will change them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This was supposed to be posted Friday -iphone photo Friday

Narnia - with Tiltshift App

Defences- with Titshift App

Oooops I meant to have this finished for iphone photo Friday.
What a treat to wake up on a Monday morning to find Memphis blanketed in snow. It was my favorite kind that was fluffy and muffling. I still remember years ago on a rare snow day wandering through the woods at Rhodes College. I felt like the only human on the earth. I was daughter to the earth engulfed in her embrace.

Friday, January 29, 2010

TiltShift, ToyCamera, CameraBag ooolala!

I love the camera Apps on my Iphone. I was browsing LK Ludwig's blog, The Poetic Eye, the other day and stumbled across her excited blogs about a bunch of Iphone camera apps. TiltShift, ToyCamera, and CameraBag are the ones I latched onto.

I stayed up WAY too late taking pictures around my dimmly let bedroom and pulling existing photos to tweak. I LOVE IT! My Iphone has just taken on a new dimension for me. I often do strange lighting, vignettes, and filters in photoshop on my desk top, but that process is removed because it is often days before I download the picts from one of the cameras. This is instant and fun! I can immediately email them to the people I am snapping.

A note about LK Ludwig. I took her 2-day class at Art and Soul Retreat a few years ago. She is magnificent teacher. On top of being an talented artist you can hear her academia background coming through. I have enjoyed her books immensely but nothing replaces taking a class from her. I learned so many basic yet flexible techniques that I could incorporate into my tool box. It looks like she is now teaching classes over the web...could be interesting. I think I might try one and report back.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On the Desk

I am working on some new Bedouins. I am attempting to do an assembly line method of constructing three at once. However, I seem to have stalled. Maybe I should give up the ghost and just finish up the hare before moving onto the wolf and the raven.

Mom gave me some detail brushes for Christmas. I cracked them open last night and OOOOlala! I have to say that if one is considering what art supplies to spend money on- brushes! For me I prefer a short handled 1-1.5" synthetic and the tiniest detail brush I can get my hands on, also synthetic. I use a big brush for most every thing. Mr. Hicks taught me long ago that if you learn to manipulate the brush CORRECTLY you can paint anything with a nice fat 1.5" brush. His mantra was "the fewer brushstrokes the better".

Over time I have come to appreciate a good detail brush for a good reason. I often want to write or draw on my work with a pen, but all of the layers make it VERY difficult. Often time I just end up ruining a good pen because it picks up paint off of the piece. So a detail brush allows me to create fine, yet dense lines that somewhat mimic pen lines

Friday, January 8, 2010

Artist Statement

Sugar Skulls for my Office Day of the Dead Alter 2009

Here is a stab at my artist statement. I am going to revisit it this weekend so feel free to comment.

Artist Statement

Taska Sanford

My aesthetic is a defense mechanism. Places and objects that are clean, crisp, and brand new make me crazy because they appear empty to me. These pristine things drive me to crumble the edges; rub dirt, paint, wax, and oil into their corners; tear them to pieces; rearrange; and reassemble. I feel the need to fill every inch of space with color, symbols, words, and mystery. I am compelled by a burning need deep inside me to transform the objects that come into my grasp and the spaces I occupy.
Currently I am exploring two themes in my work, my relations ship with myself and with animals. I create art about myself in an attempt to explore the surprise, anger, frustration, and disappointment I feel when examining my lack of control over my life and my body. In turn I create art that reveals my relationships with animals, and how I hold them sacred. They act as my guardians offering comfort and guidance when I am at most vulnerable, examining myself. From this body of work also comes the crossover pieces that reconcile the division I experience as I swing from one state of emotion to another and back again.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Rizo is Up To

Rizo doesn't work at Timbuk2 anymore. He got a job in the East Bay. Good for him. Sad for me. I miss him terribly. Here is is out having fun at Tahoe. Photo courtesy of May, his mommy.

And here is the bear he danced with at the Christmas party.....

Look to the trees #posttaska #distressedfx

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