Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On the Desk

I am working on some new Bedouins. I am attempting to do an assembly line method of constructing three at once. However, I seem to have stalled. Maybe I should give up the ghost and just finish up the hare before moving onto the wolf and the raven.

Mom gave me some detail brushes for Christmas. I cracked them open last night and OOOOlala! I have to say that if one is considering what art supplies to spend money on- brushes! For me I prefer a short handled 1-1.5" synthetic and the tiniest detail brush I can get my hands on, also synthetic. I use a big brush for most every thing. Mr. Hicks taught me long ago that if you learn to manipulate the brush CORRECTLY you can paint anything with a nice fat 1.5" brush. His mantra was "the fewer brushstrokes the better".

Over time I have come to appreciate a good detail brush for a good reason. I often want to write or draw on my work with a pen, but all of the layers make it VERY difficult. Often time I just end up ruining a good pen because it picks up paint off of the piece. So a detail brush allows me to create fine, yet dense lines that somewhat mimic pen lines

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Matti said...

Those are awesome. I love the shapes you are creating for each animal. Yeah, the decision of which art supplies to buy. I am always a sucker for a brand new brush.

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