Friday, January 29, 2010

TiltShift, ToyCamera, CameraBag ooolala!

I love the camera Apps on my Iphone. I was browsing LK Ludwig's blog, The Poetic Eye, the other day and stumbled across her excited blogs about a bunch of Iphone camera apps. TiltShift, ToyCamera, and CameraBag are the ones I latched onto.

I stayed up WAY too late taking pictures around my dimmly let bedroom and pulling existing photos to tweak. I LOVE IT! My Iphone has just taken on a new dimension for me. I often do strange lighting, vignettes, and filters in photoshop on my desk top, but that process is removed because it is often days before I download the picts from one of the cameras. This is instant and fun! I can immediately email them to the people I am snapping.

A note about LK Ludwig. I took her 2-day class at Art and Soul Retreat a few years ago. She is magnificent teacher. On top of being an talented artist you can hear her academia background coming through. I have enjoyed her books immensely but nothing replaces taking a class from her. I learned so many basic yet flexible techniques that I could incorporate into my tool box. It looks like she is now teaching classes over the web...could be interesting. I think I might try one and report back.

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I love the will have to send an update on what you think worked and did not work. Love the Passion Flower. Matti

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