Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iphone Friday and Testosterone

Luchador - Toycamera

Watching Over Me - Tiltshift and Camerbag

Leaf Trail - Tiltshift

Here are some glimpses into my commute home through the mission.

I am writing this while listening to This American Life which has the theme of "Testosterone". It is amazing and horrible to listen to as This American Life so often is. I know you are thinking Men are from Mars...garbage, but this is so revealing about how out of control we are because of our hormones. This is not a cop out answer to strange behavior, but a window to help me understand more of myself, Travis, our relationship, and feminism. The staff of This American Life tested themselves to see who had the most and least testosterone. I don't know how it ends, but they are nervous of how this will change them.

Look to the trees #posttaska #distressedfx

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