Friday, February 4, 2011

Travel Journal: Physicality, part 1, Planning

I see the purpose of a travel journal as two fold: planning and documentation. What do I really mean by these words?
The only thing that is possibly more exciting on taking those first steps out the front door on an adventure is that first moment that you decide it is high time that you go. I get such a rush from collecting maps and books on places I want to explore. I spend hours day dreaming of all the wacky and racy situations I could possibly find myself in, traveling across a new county or country or continent. Sure I enjoy my workday most of the time, but there are times when the best way to stay sane while doing busy work, like filing, is fantasize about an upcoming trip.
Then I can't wait to get home to pour over maps, make notes, and even in rare cases make reservations. These ideas and notations can be valuable for maximizing a short trip or coming up with something remotely interesting when the weather is keeping you from getting off your "quaint" island. Who knows if I will even want to climb that obscure volcano by the time I actually find a clean bed in the Mexican jungle, but I know I want to have a few crucial notes about who to call and when I wake up on the last day with a second wind.



Briskin, Cross & Sanford, LLC said...

Mmmmm.... Makes me want to pull out maps and start planning trips to exotic locales! :-) I agree 100% too. As much as I love trips themselves, when I am headed off someplace new, i like the planning almost as much. Not the reservation making, and ticket buying... but rather the books and the maps and the pictures... the dreams about what I will find when I arrive.

Sometimes it is nice to go back to relaxing places you have been before. Not to have the necessity
(and sometime stress) of planning a trip to somewhere new. But other times, I crave the anticipation of terra icognita (at least for me anyway). It's been a while since I've been to anywhere new. Your post makes me feel like maybe it's time to change that! ;-)

kobico said...

I stink at the planning part. I've been known to buy a ticket, get off the plane/train/car, and just start talking to people to ask for advice. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes not so well, but at least I've met some interesting people that way.

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