Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Philosophy: An instillation

It starts with an idea.
sketch posted on the opposite hall wall for my reference
Al Landrum and Angela Fazio-Landrum have commissioned me to create a mural in their residence. 6' x 27' entrance hall in their San Francisco home. A bit daunting but incredibly invigorating. The entire project started with a tiny idea. One day Angela swept her arm across the wall and said "What if we had a mural of evolution here?" After that the seeds began to germinate in the back of my brain, working forward into more concrete images and concepts.

Haeckel's "tree of life", Darwin's metaphorical description of the pattern of universal common descent made literal by his greatest popularizer in the German scientific world. This is the English version of Ernst Haeckel's tree from the The Evolution of Man (Published 1879), one of several depictions of a tree of life by Haeckel. "Man" is at the crown of the tree; for Haeckel, as for many early evolutionists, humans were considered the pinnacle of evolution via Wikipedia.

I don't like to depict ideas literally. I like to pair opposing concepts and see how they play off of one another to bring a viewer to some of my same conclusions. Although I do think it is crucial that the viewer bring their own unique conclusions too.
Kepler's Platonic solid model of the Solar system from Mysterium Cosmographicum (1596) via Wikipedia.

So I came to philosophy: the love of knowledge.


Middle English: from Old French philosophie, via Latin from Greek philosophia 'love of wisdom'

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Briskin, Cross & Sanford, LLC said...

So where do evolution and philosophy intersect? Sophistry? A tesseract?

"The world won't turn.
The world wont turn.
The frames won't break
And the letters won't burn.
The whole thing seems
Like Einstein's dreams.
See the smoke start to shimmer...
I'd do anything to just for get her:
-Geniveve, by Kristian Bush


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