Monday, April 25, 2011

Visit my new Etsy Shop

Mage's Coat, mixed media

Yes I did it!  I opened up an Etsy shop.
This is a bit of an experiment.  I am unsure if it is the right market for me.  However, Etsy makes it very easy to start a shop so why not?  They also have quite a few educational tools that I would love to take advantage of when it comes to listing items online.  My goal was to get 5 items listed by last Sunday... Well I am up to 3 so the next 2 need to follow pretty soon.  Then my next step is to come up with a strategy.  
Do I keep working on larger more expensive items similar to what I have posted now?
Or do I work on a small body of work that is less expensive and more accessible?
Let me know your thoughts?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am in Marketing- why is this so hard?

marketing I do for Timbuk2

Wow when it come to marketing your own business- your own baby.... it is really freaking hard!   I mean I am in Marketing!  I think about Marketing all day at Timbuk2 and yet here I am stalled, dumb struck.  Yes Taska is dumb struck, make a note in your calendar.

I don't want to commit to a direction because what IF it is the WRONG direction?  I could blow my one chance to make an impression on the world. Ah!

Ok really it can't be this hard.  And besides can't I change directions later if I feel I need to?  Business rebrand all the time, right?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making a Commitment- Follow Me


I need your help, oh community of mine.
It is time that I prioritize my life.  I need to ask myself in my daily life "Does **** nurture my ART or get me  OUTSIDE"?  I should evaluate my decisions, actions, commitments, frame of mind, use of money and on and on.  I am still trying to figure out the principles behind this focus, but I have one place I can start, here.

I need to post about my art once a week- no exceptions.  This blog is dedicated to my art and yes this will be nurturing to my art.  I would like to use this to get the word out on what I am doing and work out ideas with others.

What I need from you: follow me, comment on things you see, email me, share this.  The more people that will interact with me the more I will respond.  I am a feedback kind of woman- good or bad I react to it.  This will help me focus on art. (You can follow my blog via email by typing in your email address on the right or by following my RSS feed.)

What I will provide for you:  a little snippet of what I am doing to grow my business, posTTaska.  You will watch me develop plans and ideas.  I will show you glimpses into my studio.  You will hear about any art functions I attend or hold myself (sneak peak: I am planning on holding an open studio this year).  If you make a comment I will respond because I would love to turn this into art dialogue. Focus, it is all about focus.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pulling Together Elements

installation sketch

beginnings of the diagram of the moon's apex

The installation was starting take form.  Getting up the first layers of paint was extrememly motivating.  A contract was signed, a to do list was created, and the paint was drying.  Now here comes some fun stuff- shopping for bones and bugs.
fox skull from The Bone Room

The Bone Room in Albany, CA is an amazing store.  I was able to acquire, bugs, bones, fossils, minerals, and ideas. The staff was very helpful, and I was even able to get some things on discount because they were not perfect specimens.  It is a trip for me from San Mateo to north of Berkeley but well worth it.  I also frequented Paxton Gate in San Francisco.  Although the two are both curiosity shoppes I find they are very different with unique items to offer.  The each deserve a trip or two, especially at Christmas.  Paxton Gate is near Timbuk2's office so I was always coming up with excuses to got there after work for "official art business".

As a side note Travis and I have just been doing the taxes.  Well, if the mock-up was a hint that this was a "real" project then doing all the tax shenanigans really gave me a kick in the pants.  I have several good books on starting your own craft business, but they all skirted around giving tax advise.  Actually they contained very little about taxes for a small personal art business. Turbo Tax Home and Business is my friend.  I am always hunting around for new classes to take.  A "start and run your small business" class would be the most helpful right now.

Look to the trees #posttaska #distressedfx

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