Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making a Commitment- Follow Me


I need your help, oh community of mine.
It is time that I prioritize my life.  I need to ask myself in my daily life "Does **** nurture my ART or get me  OUTSIDE"?  I should evaluate my decisions, actions, commitments, frame of mind, use of money and on and on.  I am still trying to figure out the principles behind this focus, but I have one place I can start, here.

I need to post about my art once a week- no exceptions.  This blog is dedicated to my art and yes this will be nurturing to my art.  I would like to use this to get the word out on what I am doing and work out ideas with others.

What I need from you: follow me, comment on things you see, email me, share this.  The more people that will interact with me the more I will respond.  I am a feedback kind of woman- good or bad I react to it.  This will help me focus on art. (You can follow my blog via email by typing in your email address on the right or by following my RSS feed.)

What I will provide for you:  a little snippet of what I am doing to grow my business, posTTaska.  You will watch me develop plans and ideas.  I will show you glimpses into my studio.  You will hear about any art functions I attend or hold myself (sneak peak: I am planning on holding an open studio this year).  If you make a comment I will respond because I would love to turn this into art dialogue. Focus, it is all about focus.



Valkyrie Savage said...

Hooray, Taska! You'll have to let us know when your open studio is. :D

taska said...

I want participate in one of the SF wide Open Studios. I am formulating plans now. Although they may change depending on where my studio is at the time....

Shadman the wonderguy said...

This is somewhat random, but lately I've been trying to put together a spell to give myself more drive/direction/energy. Technically I don't really believe in anything mystical, but I believe in the psychological benefits. I've got a wooden box I plan on burning symbols into and some hair pulled out of my head to place in it. I'm going to burn it with the fallen sticks/branches in my yard.

Do you have any suggestions for the symbols?
Or other spell component to put in the box?

jimjewell said...

We want to follow along
To involve those outside the bay area when your 'studio is open' be sure to activate the 'purchase on line' option!

taska said...

Purchae online? You got it!

taska said...

Shad- doing something physical is a very powerful way to engage your focus on a path.
Arrows, lightning, feet, lots of arrows, wind, compass, braid and knots (great for commitments), migrating birds, horse.....

kobico said...

Taska, I'm glad you're doing this. Will post links from my FB and Twitter accounts, as I "think" I'm already following you on Blogger.

Look to the trees #posttaska #distressedfx

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