Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pulling Together Elements

installation sketch

beginnings of the diagram of the moon's apex

The installation was starting take form.  Getting up the first layers of paint was extrememly motivating.  A contract was signed, a to do list was created, and the paint was drying.  Now here comes some fun stuff- shopping for bones and bugs.
fox skull from The Bone Room

The Bone Room in Albany, CA is an amazing store.  I was able to acquire, bugs, bones, fossils, minerals, and ideas. The staff was very helpful, and I was even able to get some things on discount because they were not perfect specimens.  It is a trip for me from San Mateo to north of Berkeley but well worth it.  I also frequented Paxton Gate in San Francisco.  Although the two are both curiosity shoppes I find they are very different with unique items to offer.  The each deserve a trip or two, especially at Christmas.  Paxton Gate is near Timbuk2's office so I was always coming up with excuses to got there after work for "official art business".

As a side note Travis and I have just been doing the taxes.  Well, if the mock-up was a hint that this was a "real" project then doing all the tax shenanigans really gave me a kick in the pants.  I have several good books on starting your own craft business, but they all skirted around giving tax advise.  Actually they contained very little about taxes for a small personal art business. Turbo Tax Home and Business is my friend.  I am always hunting around for new classes to take.  A "start and run your small business" class would be the most helpful right now.

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