Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I vs.We Blog

I heard someone speaking about blogs the other day on an episode of The Splendid Table podcast.  She very astutely differentiated "I" and "We" blogs and why she only read "We" blogs.  "We" blogs are more inclusive by nature.  They express and share external ideas that a larger population can explore.  Since my art is about expression it seems logical that my blog concerning my art become more than just a personal diary about my attempts to make salable art.

So here is my "We" blog- Public Art:

If you are traveling through the Denver Airport you are in for a lovely surprise.  I was stuck in Terminal A with an unexpected landing and 4 hour layover from San Francisco to New York.  It was a really bummer except I stumbled upon Brianna Martray installing her art, Shadow Happy, in the airport concourse.   10,000 folder paper cranes.  Amazing!  We had a fun time chatting about the series of events that lead her to that place.  One of her companions also told us of the story behind the constant flute music floating down the hall.  (That story is for another time.)  She folded her 10000+ over the last five years from an abandoned novel she had written.  What a way to build on previous work.

So if you are passing on through Denver stop down near the security station at Terminal A and behold a wonderful play with paper and shadows.


Jewell Ward said...

I have been there in past year and agree that the art is great when one has time there. Jim and I spent some time enjoying it. What a great experience to talk with the artist!
and like the 'we' versus the 'I' blog - good concept.
So what is with the flute music, being a flutist??

Anonymous said...

I am wondering as an artist, what is your opinion of Louis Jimenez dark horse sculpture in front of the DIA entrance. I think the sculpture is a fine work of art but there is much controversy involved.

taska said...

As for the flute music there is a good story behind that- maybe that will be my next post since I behind schedule.

The Denver mustang....amazing!

When your body is not your own #posttaska #mixedmedia #art #handmade #assemblage

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