Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Denver and the Big Blue Horse" or "Why 24/7 Flute Music"

I have come to find that the Denver International Airport is indeed a odd place.  Perhaps that why I now feel comfortable riding up and down the corridors on moving sidewalks for 3 hour intervals.  Or maybe that was all Alex and I could do stay awake while American Airlines was sending us a new plane to New York.
However while whiling the hours away I apparently missed something fantastic: the giant blue mustang outside!  Just shows you how hermetically sealed airports have become.  How could I have missed this 32 foot equine collossus? 

Blue Mustang, 32 foot fiberglass statue by Luis Jimenez

Isn't it absolutely amazing!?!  The New York Times has a decent article on the art and some of the stir it has made.  I am in love with this sculpture, and I think that comes down to lousy architecture.  Our American post-post-post modern society has created some REAL shit out there.  So many buildings we have and are still erecting visually pollute our landscape.  Airports are often great offenders of this too.  A public work of art of this magnitude has a chance to heal the eyes of the people who find it in their gaze.  Jimenez had the gumption and support to stand up against the great blight that we cast on our land.  This work carries form, color, emotion.  It is bigger than we are so it can humble us with majesty instead of fear or disgust.  

Now as for the the 24 hours of flute music piped into Terminal A at DIA, the story that I heard while stuck in her hallways, had to do with the cursed enclosed pedestrian skybridge.  This bridge connects Terminal A with the rest of the airport.   It is enclosed in glass so one can watch planes land over the Rock Mountains.   When it was being constructed the bridge collapsed.  This is the same bridge where I met Brianna installing her work Shadow Happy from my I vs. We post.

pedestrian bridge at DIA

So the airport folks brought in some local elders, and there was talk of burial grounds and maybe a curse was mentioned.  And so the only way to keep this area safe was to have a blessing and keep the sacred flute music floating in 24 hours a day.  A local special musician recorded the sacred music.   I wish I knew his name.  I will keep searching and let you know if I find out.

I don't always know what is true in this world, but I do know what is a good story.

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