Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Long-Stitch Handmade Book: the start of a long journey

Can I tell you how challenging it is to get anything down with an infant in arms? 4 months old and I love her more and more everyday, but my goodness I am excited when I can get one thing done in a day, like take a shower, or find 2 flip flops of the same brand to wear. Making a book has been extraordinarily insane.

My t-square is invaluable for bookmaking.
The signatures are varied stock paper that are encased in decorative hand painted watercolor paper.
I often make my jigs out of random scaps of heavy paper on my desk.
This cover is made from Lutradur, a fascinating nonwoven synthetic fabric.
I haven't yet explored Lutradur's varied capabilities, but I thought it would make a fine book cover. Pliable like watercolor paper, but far more durable. Even though I could sew right through it, punching wholes in it was far more accutate. Unlike fabric it Lutradur does not readily self repair needle holes.
It just feel good to get a project in my hands. I hope as both the baby and I grow into our independence we will see more creativity come from both of us.



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