Friday, November 27, 2015

Post Show Learnings

I have not written much of anything since the opening to the show "Pattern Dreams". After coming down off of that high I immediate got struck down with one of the worst cold/bronchitis bouts I have had in long time. And these days with a toddler for a roommate if one person so much as sneezes we all go down hard.

First I was to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all the folks that came out for the opening. It was a great party and you made it possible. It so much to me to have you there supporting me at one of my most vulnerable moments. What an amazing turnout. We even had a cockatoo come and view the art. I received compliments from the the gallery owner and other artists that I have a great troupe of supporters. Y'all have given me the courage to try this again.
If you did not get a chance to come to the opening the show is up through the first of the year. Topaz Salon in Berkeley. I am proud to show with the other artist. What a great collection we made.

What did I learn:
1) I need to make 8x10 or 11x17 flyers to put in store windows
2) Remember to sign all of my work
3) Figure out how to get a mailing list sign up sheet by my work
4) Talk to other artists (beforehand) about possible mailing list introductions or something like that
5) Find out more about emailing announcements*
6) Make prints of my postcards
7) Take more time to post announcements in other local online listings

*The whole mailing list thing confuses me. Maybe someone can shed some light, please.
I have the folks that have signed up to be on my official Mysteriosity mailing list and that is great, but what about the people that have not signed up but I know they want to hear about upcoming shows.  I know because they have told me in person. How can I message them easily without making them apart of my mailing list?
Do I personally hound them to sign up?
Do I put them into a separate friend list?

If you have suggestions or reference please leave a comment. I would love to discuss this more with people. I want to put myself out there but I also want to respect people's in-boxes.

I am pretty excited to see what I will start next in the studio next week.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shop Handmade for the Holidays

We all are reconsidering what the holidays means to us and our families. I think everyone wants to celebrate and give presents with more meaning. Handmade gifts and original art gifts are a wonderful way to show someone special that you care. 

Here are some more sneak peaks at what I will be selling at "Pattern Dreams - A Holiday Art Bazaar".
Come join us Nov 22 at Topaz Salon 2003 Hopkins St. Berkeley from 1-3:30pm.

Let us help you give more handmade gifts. You might even shop for yourself- I won't tell.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Pattern Dreams" A Holiday Art Bazaar

I can't tell you how excited I am to have a gallery showing. I feel embarrassed to admit this but it will be my first gallery show since my BFA show. 
I feel like I have come such along way since then. No, it really has be along time and a long way. A pilgrimage of sorts. 

It will be a fun and exciting time to meet other artists and sell some work. We planned the opening as a holiday bazaar so we could increase our sales. I am glad my "first opening" will be sales focused. I think that will help it feel more successful.
I will have paintings, jewelry, and artist books for sale there.
So between now and then I am carving out more and more time to make and finish pieces. I have to focus on the finishing part. A struggle, but good for me.
Please join me Nov 22 at Topaz Salon in Berkeley from 1-3:30.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Getting ready for my show #pastepaper #paletteplay #posTTaska #topazgallery #holidayshow

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Holiday Gallery Show at Topaz

Yesterday was a great day in the studio. I am working on some pieces for my first show in over 15 years. I am so excited. I will be showing some paints, artist books, jewelry and postcards. I will confirm the details soon with Topaz in Berkeley and send out an announcement.

Mixing up a palette of paste paints

This is a Holiday show so we will have items for sale in varied price ranges. There will be about 4 artists total which will make it a well rounded gift shopping experience.

My assistant

After the opening we can go down the block to my house for an after party!
More details to come. Want to be the first to know? Sign up on my blog for Mysteriosity, the newsletter. 
Sneak peak

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Postcards and Holiday Show

I am working on more postcards and starting to prep for some holiday shows.

This is a fun set of stars and eyes. I have received some postcards back from folks and that has been such a joy! Our mailboxes should be filled with beauty, not just bills and ads. 
I am thinking of naming the postcard bundles Postcard Revival or Postcard Revivify. Any thoughts? Please comment. I would love to hear your opinion. 
I will keep you posted on show dates as they are firmed up.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Perfectionism and Art

When I talk about Perfectionism as a dabiltating psychological problem most people chuckle and agree in that "yeah right" kind of way. I get it. We ALL have debilitating problems. We are a dysfunctional society that can hardly get through the day or night without drugs, crutches, therapies, or controlled substances. On the spectrum of "problems" Perfectionism is not that bad.

 But it is real to me and I am writing about it because I am embarrassed  that I can't follow through on so many of my ideas, projects, and goals. My 2 most powerful defense mechanisms are sleep and impulsive behavior. To hide from myself I go to bed and sleep and sleep and sleep. To get momentum to get out of bed I try something new. I jump up with a cool new project or activity in mind and without much thought or planning, dive right in. Watercolor, knitting, web design, teaching, bread baking. 

Whatever I am not doing right now must  be way easier than whatever I avoided last night. So let's get to it! Spontananty sounds like such a good thing but I use it to hide from the fact that I am not good enough... At anything. And when you are not good enough, why bother? But when you are suddenly learing a new skill like welding it is ok to not be good enough. You are not expected to be good or to complete large projects. How clever. So where does this leave me? With a cluttered studio, a shelf of unfinished journals, a scattered resume, a blog with few followers and on and on. 

Spiral Arm of the Universe #collage #art #postcards #mysteriosity #posTTaska

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Sunday, August 16, 2015


While in a mental mush pot during a studio day I took a break to clean in my studio and see what ephemera I ended up keep during the last move. Found this little gem while scrounging for ephemera to use in my most recent painting.  

What an unexpected treat.  I had forgotten that there was anything hidden in this book.  

I have altered many books starting from an early age of 3 or 4 (that time when scissors become a powerful tool for a child).  I have done some cool stuff and some sloppy crap in books, but I very rarely "complete" an altered book. Perhaps because I don't think of the book as single object once I start adding to and dissecting it.

I feel this piece is successful because it is simple and it feels complete, whole.

"Linguistics" will teach me a thing or two as I spend more time with it. 

Look to the trees #posttaska #distressedfx

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