Saturday, April 4, 2015

April Commitment to Art Content

Funny how there are so many "challenges" out there that folks are committing to through social media. I guess it is a way to have your community hold you accountable for something. Of coarse you have to have a community to monitor you. So to get on board I need to give up the notions "I am a poor writer" "I have no time to make art" "the art I make is subpar". I just need to open the door and chuck them out. Let them go play in the yard by themselves.
Ok. Done. Shut the door, buckled down, and start generating content for the entire month of April. (The cat balanced on my arms between the keyboard and my nose was not originally factored into my plan. Really, Pipkin?)

Wow so here we are, generating content... yeah. Meta time: a post about what to post about. Art. Well that was simple. But I need a niche. Art books. Artist books. Art journals. Book arts. Art journaling. Bookmaking. Seems a pretty good list to me. The doesn't mean other art related things won't pop up in here. There also maybe some tangential things that inspire my art such as travel or dreams or even cooking. And yes the occasional baby entry might sneak in, but I will try to keep that to a minimum.

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