Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hunter Gatherer Artist

It's is fun to come up with word combinations and test their power over people.  I suppose it is the same with visual arts but words just hang there everyday.  I think I (and many others) take words for granted.  Especially in an Information Age.  We most often emphasize the content not the syntax in our day to day communications.  We are now watching grammar and spelling take a back seat to expediency.  I strive for my art and writing to have form and content.  To capture, move, and communicate.

So the phrase Hunter Gather Artist is a way I am attempting to use words to ensnare you and ask for more of my art. My art is created through the act of seeking powerful unrelated ideas and combining them visually into a meal for the viewer. What is important here?  Today the words are important.  They are the means to the end.

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