Friday, May 22, 2015

Pattern Play

I am participating in Lynn Krawczyk's Weekly Pattern Wednesday.
  Ok so it is not exactly Wednesday anymore but I am proud to get this up.  I think next week should be easier.  This was fun a fun exercise and my reward for playing along is getting to see other people's work.

This was drawn with some of my new favorite paint pens Graphik by Derwent
Love love love!
This pattern is part of my compass rose development for my book on mapping motherhood.  Slowly but surely I am making progress.


Lynn Krawczyk said...

It's wonderful! I love the colors and the movement in it - awesome! :)

Robbie said...

This is way too cool! Interesting colors...I never would have used but just might now!!!

Taska Sanford said...

I have been collecting colors I like but never use and want to "make" myself work with them.

Taska Sanford said...

Think movement is what attracts me to patterns.

When your body is not your own #posttaska #mixedmedia #art #handmade #assemblage

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