Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Updating and Incubating

So over the holiday weekend I spent some time updating the look of the blog and re routing where takes you.  Thank you Mr. T!  I know it is not your job to be the household IT officer.  I removed my Etsy shop thanks to my colleague, Rachel Jamison, who help me see it is not the place for my current work. By the way Rachel is a magnificent landscape painter.  
She and I need to find an online market place that is suited to our work.  Got some ideas of places for us to look into for selling one of kind, original paintings, artist books, and assemblage? Leave a comment.  

With the updating on the blog I am also hatching some fun projects and ideas that are interactive.  I feel strange just throwing up things on the wall and not hearing anything.  I want to engage in my artist and art loving community.  So stay tuned for some call to action. 

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