Sunday, August 16, 2015


While in a mental mush pot during a studio day I took a break to clean in my studio and see what ephemera I ended up keep during the last move. Found this little gem while scrounging for ephemera to use in my most recent painting.  

What an unexpected treat.  I had forgotten that there was anything hidden in this book.  

I have altered many books starting from an early age of 3 or 4 (that time when scissors become a powerful tool for a child).  I have done some cool stuff and some sloppy crap in books, but I very rarely "complete" an altered book. Perhaps because I don't think of the book as single object once I start adding to and dissecting it.

I feel this piece is successful because it is simple and it feels complete, whole.

"Linguistics" will teach me a thing or two as I spend more time with it. 

Elephant ears #posTTaska #patternstudy

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bookmaking with Baby

I have been doing a little bookmaking.  It feels great to really finish a piece and send it out into the universe.

This is a little no-sew book of C for her Grammy and GrandJim. The best part is that this book is my first collaboration with C.  

It is a origami style book with a origami folio that holds it.
The paper is newsprint that I had on hand while we finger painted together.  

The finger paint paper she uses is waxy so it is easy to slide the paint around.  The books I've read on child creativity say that is ti s the process not the product that counts.  Well the products counts to us parents. So I figured I could keep or upcycle her paintings if they were on better paper. 

When she was "finished" with painting each of the waxy sheets I quickly laid a piece of newsprint on top, burnished it with my hand and pulled a monoprint. Yes I feel extra clever for thinking of this idea!
So now I have her finger paintings on paper I like to work with.  So I hope to keep it up and make a few more books with her prints. 

Moving Forward

Started a new journal and a new challenge this week! All exciting and invigorating. Here is my last post for Weekly Pattern Wednesday.  It was fun but I have my hands full with art and that is a good thing!

I think I have been in a logjam for some time now. (Could have something to do with losing my dad, having a baby, moving houses, and changing careers all in the span of 2 years.) regardless of any root causes there has been a shift in the universe. Maybe that Blue Moon kicked me in the ass, because I feel ready to move forward again.

Monday, August 3, 2015


So the last few sessions I have done in my studio have been lots of fun! I feel like I am starting to carve out more quality time to focus.

I am working on the postcards that will be sent out to everyone on my mailing list for the Mysteriosity newsletter.

"How can I get some original art postcards from Taska and receive the newsletter?" you ask. Just click here!

And watch your snail mail box.

Look to the trees #posttaska #distressedfx

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