Friday, November 27, 2015

Post Show Learnings

I have not written much of anything since the opening to the show "Pattern Dreams". After coming down off of that high I immediate got struck down with one of the worst cold/bronchitis bouts I have had in long time. And these days with a toddler for a roommate if one person so much as sneezes we all go down hard.

First I was to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all the folks that came out for the opening. It was a great party and you made it possible. It so much to me to have you there supporting me at one of my most vulnerable moments. What an amazing turnout. We even had a cockatoo come and view the art. I received compliments from the the gallery owner and other artists that I have a great troupe of supporters. Y'all have given me the courage to try this again.
If you did not get a chance to come to the opening the show is up through the first of the year. Topaz Salon in Berkeley. I am proud to show with the other artist. What a great collection we made.

What did I learn:
1) I need to make 8x10 or 11x17 flyers to put in store windows
2) Remember to sign all of my work
3) Figure out how to get a mailing list sign up sheet by my work
4) Talk to other artists (beforehand) about possible mailing list introductions or something like that
5) Find out more about emailing announcements*
6) Make prints of my postcards
7) Take more time to post announcements in other local online listings

*The whole mailing list thing confuses me. Maybe someone can shed some light, please.
I have the folks that have signed up to be on my official Mysteriosity mailing list and that is great, but what about the people that have not signed up but I know they want to hear about upcoming shows.  I know because they have told me in person. How can I message them easily without making them apart of my mailing list?
Do I personally hound them to sign up?
Do I put them into a separate friend list?

If you have suggestions or reference please leave a comment. I would love to discuss this more with people. I want to put myself out there but I also want to respect people's in-boxes.

I am pretty excited to see what I will start next in the studio next week.

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